Since its inception in 1963, tCAN has served as a network for Canada’s most innovative and entrepreneurial independent agencies to come together. With a strong belief in collaboration over competition, tCAN champions a spirit that brings together the best strategic and creative minds in the industry creating a space where independent agencies are encouraged to leverage each other’s strengths. Through tCAN, independent agency owners are not merely surviving; they are thriving, together, in a network that celebrates mutual success and innovation.

Membership benefits include:

  • Access to a network of thought leaders and independent agency owners.
  • Opportunity to attend to the annual tCAN member’s conference, featuring dynamic speakers, workshops, and networking events.
  • Access to a wealth of resources including workshops, seminars, and interactive webinars led by industry experts. (Sessions cover a wide range of topics tailored to the specific needs of agency owners, from navigating regulatory changes to adopting the latest technological advancements).

At tCAN, we believe in the tremendous value of inter-member cooperation. Independent Canadian agencies can leverage each other’s expertise, fresh ideas, contacts and local market knowledge for the benefit of their clients. We also believe that through our connected alliance, we can create opportunities as well as build business and operational efficiencies. Our values, Curiosity, Sharing, Trust and Leadership, attest to our vision that there is a strength in numbers. When tCAN members band together, our clients win—and so do we.

Advertising Campaigns
Art Direction & Graphic Design
Branding and Re-branding
Communication Strategy
Corporate Communications
Direct Marketing
E-commerce Solutions
Experiential Marketing & Event Planning
Interactive Marketing
Market Research & Data Analytics
Media Planning & Buying
Music Creation & Production
Public Relations
Recruitment Advertising
Social Media
Software Development
TV, Video & Radio Production
Website Development