The Importance of Mobile Marketing in Healthcare

8 March 2021 | from Whitehead Agency Group

We know that technology is rapidly evolving. Healthcare brands need to understand how these developments impact their operations and then implement marketing programs that are up to date and based on current best practices. As a start, it is no secret that healthcare professionals and patients have had to navigate a new reality with the recent demand for virtual calls and appointments due to the pandemic. Mobile phones, in particular, have made it exceptionally convenient to facilitate video calls such as FaceTime and Zoom without relying on desktops or laptops. The doctor will see you now … at home, at the cottage, or virtually anywhere.

Now is the time for your company to develop a solid mobile website that is both engaging and user-friendly as phone usage increases. According to research, 60% of all online searches are done on mobile – with 7% healthcare-related. In 2019, mobile viewing exceeded television viewing in the US for the first time. An average of 3.6 hours is spent daily on mobile phones, surpassing all other devices combined.

Mobile marketing can attract more patients and visitors while establishing your company’s brand in the digital realm. After all, the majority of impressions (63%), clicks (71%), and inbound calls (67%) coming from online sources are mobile. (Healthcare Success)

However, respondents and patients are far less likely to trust a website that is not responsive or user-friendly. For mobile healthcare audiences with various options, a website that takes longer than five seconds to load, is cluttered, or lacks poor navigation, can be a deterrent. Studies show that 94% of audiences will reject a website that is slow to load or poorly designed.

Additionally, if your website is not optimized for mobile use, Google’s algorithm will lower your ranking in search results. Google favours well-designed, high-performing landing pages and will not recognize your website if it is outdated, lagging, or contains disorganized content. As a result, your chances of being discovered by potential patients drop off significantly – losing up to 30% of leads. Keep in mind that most Google searches are now done on a mobile device, so making sure you have a polished, efficient website compatible with mobile will help rank your website higher. Ranking higher automatically translates into more clicks.

Focusing on mobile optimization is key in retaining potential patients. If your website performs well on a mobile device, it will succeed within other mediums, such as tablets, laptops, and desktops. Creating a user-friendly website that is responsive and includes simple design, educational content, and CTAs (calls-to-action) will undoubtedly keep your audience interested and engaged.

Implementing an effective strategy focusing primarily on optimizing websites and enhancing user experience can help develop meaningful relationships between you and potential clients. It can also serve as an effective bridge to your social media content, further enhancing the patient experience.

Whitehead Agency Group is one of North America’s foremost healthcare marketing agencies with over 25 years of specialized healthcare experience.

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