How You Can Market to Millennials Effectively

24 novembre 2020 |

There is a reason why marketers are paying close attention to millennials these days. They are the largest demographic by far, beating out Boomers and Gen Z, and research suggests that millennials are a lucrative market to tap into. Making up 25% of the population, it is important to understand their attitudes and shopping habits to help your business prosper. In the following article, we will explore tips that can help you market to millennials more effectively.

The first factor to consider is optimizing mobile experience. Nine out of ten millennials own smartphones and are constantly browsing online. They check their phone 43 times a day (Pew Research) – this means that running mobile ads should be leading customers to landing pages that don’t take a long time to load. Users will log off almost immediately if your website is lagging and jump onto another site that performs better.

Making your website mobile-responsive is not the only point to consider – reviews influence 84% of millennial customers, so having a website with consumer testimonials inspires trust and authenticity. “84% of millennials agreed on the fact that they had a previous influence from a stranger in their purchasing decision” (Gartner).

In addition, using social media to your advantage can boost your company sales, as many millennials enjoy posting content about their lives as well as interacting with their friends. Therefore, running ads on Facebook is a great way to target them. 90% of millennial users are on the Facebook app and spend an average of 2 hours a day scrolling (Hubspot).

However, they are skeptics when it comes to traditional advertising. Millennial consumers can easily detect ads that feel disingenuous. 63% of millennial users said they trust brands that do not use traditional advertising. Additionally, 66% of users follow brands on social media and prefer content that feels more authentic (Hubspot). Engaging with millennial consumers makes your brand more trustworthy and appear genuine. They enjoy following their favourite brands on social media and being conversational, as well as responsive to their comments, will increase your company’s visibility and ultimately attract more traffic.

It is also evident that millennials are more likely to support socially conscious brands. Nearly 50% are more willing to buy from a company if they support a cause they believe in. Reaching millennials based on what they care about, will increase product sales by adding an incentive that will make them feel good about what they are purchasing (SmartInsights).

Lastly, your website should contain informational blogs and articles. 1 in 3 millennials are more likely to choose a blog as the top media source before purchasing a product. Having valuable, updated content, will keep them interested and coming back for more.

Millennials are a profitable demographic that your brand should not ignore. By adapting your brand to suit their shopping behaviours, you are more likely to see improvement in sales as well as retain customers that will stick around for a long time.

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