Located in the middle of nowhere and the centre of everything, LMNO is the little agency that everyone wants to work with. We are a creative, strategic agency of problem-solvers based in Saskatoon. We’re all about ideas that solve business problems, build brands and achieve breakthrough results year after year for our clients.


  • Corey Michel | President & CEO
  • Shelley Arvay (MAP) | Chief Operations Officer
  • Tina Assié-Kurtz (MAP) | Group Account Director
  • Garnet McElree | Chief Creative Officer
  • Blair French | Chief Growth Officer
  • Taylor Pfeifer | Design Director
  • Clients

  • SaskTel
  • Honey Bee
  • Lieu

    300-510 Cope Way
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7T 0G3

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    Shelley Arvay

    Industrie spécialisée

  • Agriculture et élevage
  • Communications
  • Finance, assurance et immobilier
  • Manufacturier
  • Musique, TV, cinéma et divertissement
  • Point de vente et détail
  • Projets en vedette