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A Wind Of Change is Blowing on The Social Media Landscape

12 May 2022 | from Agence Rinaldi

According to a Hootsuite study on digital trends for 2022, though Facebook and Instagram remain the most efficient platforms to reach business targets, new trends are emerging.

In terms of perceived performance efficiency, TikTok boasts a 700 % increase compared to last year, followed by Snapchat and Pinterest.

Let’s keep in mind that TikTok has recently reached 1 billion users, while Meta has suffered a 20% drop on the stock market after losing users for the first year of its existence. It is now high tide for Facebook’s challengers… but why, exactly?

The fact is that people seek authenticity. They want to feel close to their community and their interests, but most of all, they want to be entertained.

“Don’t advertise. Make TikToks.” This slogan is self-explanatory, and couldn’t be clearer. Content is the key to success.

Media reactivity needs to adapt to the diversification of social media platforms and their users. It would be a mistake to ignore the communities’ codes and expectations. In fact, it would be downright counterproductive.

So, how do you reach specific communities? By putting the creative work in the hands of the content creators (to an extent, at least).

Creatives recruited from community content creators.

The key to unlocking online communities rests in the hands of digital creators.

The most recent example I can think of is the explosion in subscriptions (500k) for Yuka back in December (+400%), after this creator’s content went viral on TikTok.

In 2010, we would have called that a buzz.

Collecting data and information directly from creators’ communities will simplify the creative process when it comes to setting up the initial brand positioning. It will facilitate the development of affinities with the brand as well as the notoriety that goes along with it. All of this can be applied to the paid social ecosystem, while leveraging the creative insights needed to better target your ads.


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